Adding Notifications/Alerts for Bulk-Updater Auto-Refresh Exports that Fail



I'd like to request an Alert or Notification for when an Export (specifically an auto-refresh export) fails and stops running.



I've created multiple auto-refresh exports, via that are set to auto refresh every 60mins, for each of my libraries and document classes. I then have a script that crawls all the exports and consolidates the necessary documents and pushes them to an external application for end-users to access all in one place. My issue is, every so often, the auto-refresh exports fail and stop running. Firstly, I'm not given any logs to see why the export fails and secondly, I'm not notified that these exports have stopped running and therefore am out-of-date in terms of my consolidated documents in the external application. A lot of times many other documents have been revised or created and are no longer being pushed the the external application simply because the exports have failed and stopped running. If there was at the least an alert/notification for when the exports have failed and stopped running, I could go into the export page and re-run them, which seems to keep the exports working for a while.


I hope this is something that can benefit many AODocs export users.








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  • We have the same issue. Auto refreshed exports stop running all of a sudden, sometimes months after working properly, and we don't realize it soon enough. It's very problematic.

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