Is any one else having an issue that libraries are not being pushed to the my drive?

Recently we have found that when we give people access to AODocs team folders, they are not being pushed to the My Drive, they just shows as links.

See this example:

The 4th and 5th folders are just links, even though the settings for the library is set to "Push To My Drive".



  • We are also facing this issue. Can you please let us know if this is solved for you?

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  • Since Google Drive enforced the usage of the shortcuts instead of the multi location for files and folders, the feature of Push to my Drive can now only push a shortcut. Even manually a user cannot add a folder owned by someone else to their My Drive anymore, only a shortcut to it.

    We advise you to use the AODocs Smartbar library picker to provide users quick access to the libraries they have access to.

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