Bulk delete category values

Currently, users need to delete the category value one by one. It would be nice if users can delete category values in bulk



  • Yes please!

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  • I need this fuction or script code. I need to reset a lot of categories values (empty). Some a script in Java? Like show below:

    myDocument.setField("Text box", "");
    myDocument.setField("Number Input", null);

    thanks in advance

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  • The functionality to bulk delete the value in a multi-valued category property is currently only available when the category is single-level.

    For multi-level category we might bring this feature in the future in a manner similar to how filters works in the new views for this type of category properties.

    In the meantime, Samuel's recommendation of could work, the only inconvenience is that the viewer action custom scripts can only be execute while the user is not in edit mode.

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  • Hi Thibault,

    I think what the original poster was requesting is under Administration > Library Configuration > Categories > Define Values then select multiple items to delete in one action.

    At the moment if you want to delete 300 values from a 500 value category you have to click Delete and then click Delete again when it asks you to confirm ("By clicking on "Delete", you will permanently remove the selected item(s). You won't be able to restore it."). That's a lot of clicks if you have a big list.

    It would be good to be able to put it into a delete mode, put a checkbox against every value you want to delete and then remove them all in one click, so you don't have to confirm against each one.

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