Moving files (within & outside a library)

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Current Use Case:

We've had a few users have trouble with moving files to other libraries. The confusion lies between the difference in the "Move" button (folder icon) and the "Export" button (see images below). 


Feature Suggestions:

Is there a way where these 2 options can clarify further their purpose? I've listed 2 suggestions that may help clarify.

  1. Having the 2 features (move file within/export a library) located in the same place would be ideal. Move the "Export" feature to the top ribbon when a file/folder is selected (as shown below).
  2. Additionally, the folder icon tool tip can say "Move file(s) to another folder within library" in replacement of what it currently says "Move selected items to folder". The Export button tool tip can say "Export file(s) to another library" rather than what it currently says "Export to a library".

Many thanks.



  • Thank you for your post on the community!

    I wanted to point out that the screenshot you provided are coming from the vision of a Library administrator. Therefore not all the users of the library will be able to see all the options you see here. We display the buttons according to the user's right on the document (viewer, contributor, admin)..

    Also the Export functionality in a library is an admin only option. It can be used by an administrator to export the document to the same library but to another document class.

    If a user is a contributor, she/he will be able to move the document within the library (depending on the library structure).

    End-users (unless they are all library admins) should not have the confusion between move and export, since they can't see the export button.

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  • Thanks for the clarification, I didn't realize my permissions settings were also configured as a Library Admin as well.

    Following up from your point, is there any way for an end-user to move documents to another library? Even if it's a library that they have contributor access to?


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  • Moving is a major problem for us. We often get calls from users saying that they have moved folders and then the account moves them back.

    We reply that users cannot move items between libraries and that is can only be done by experienced super admins following these instructions:

    Is there a way of preventing end users from moving between libraries?

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  • John, reading your last comment it seems that your users are using Team Folders where the management of the permissions and files are the most flexible.

    I would recommend using the Secured Folders, where the library folder structure is more controlled and where users won't be able to move files and folder around without going through the AODocs button provided by our AODocs smartbar.

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