Archiving users does not remove AODocs license

When archiving users in GSuite, it would be great if AODocs recognised that the user has been archived and remove the AODocs license, for the moment this is a manual process.



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    in R54, we introduced the similar logic as for suspended or deleted users when it comes to AODOcs licenses.

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  • Thanks for your contribution on our community.

    I wanted to give a bit of context to your post.

    By "archived users" you are referring to Archived User (AU) licenses that are "are currently available for the G Suite Business and Enterprise editions only".

    Essentially when you archive a user in G Suite, you swap the Google user license from a G Suite license to an AU license.

    Currently, AODocs automatically removes the AODocs license used by a G Suite user, when we detect that the user has been deleted (when it is not visible from the Directory API).

    With the current level of API access AODocs requests on a G Suite domain, we cannot check the type of license assigned to an G Suite user.

    It would require AODocs to request for the access for the Enterprise License Manager API which doesn't have a read-only access level.

    As a G Suite super administrator, would you be okay to grant this additional of API access to AODocs for us to detect which license (G suite or AU) the user has so that we can remove the AODocs licenses accordingly?


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  • Hi Thibault,

    Yes we mean the  Archived User (AU) licenses that are "are currently available for the G Suite Business and Enterprise editions only".

    We are archiving a lot of users, but the accounts still have AODocs licenses.

    We regularly have to manually delete the licences of leavers.
    Yes, we want AODocs to be changed do that it detects that a user is Archived and automatically removes the licence.

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  • Hi AODocs,

    Can AODocs be changes so that if a Google Account is in a certain Org,  the licence is removed.

    This would resolve our issue as all our Archived accounts are in a certain Org.

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