Removal of permissions not cascading down structure?

Has anyone else had a problem in that if you remove someone's access at a high-level of folder, the removal does not cascade down the entire structure?
This means that files are exposed to staff that shouldn't see them.

Is an AODocs issue or a Google drive issue?



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  • Hi John,

    On what kind of library are you having the issue? 

    If you are in a Secured Folder library by design this cannot (should not) happen. Also if you are in a Team Folder with Uniform permissions. But if you are in a Team Folder with Flexible permissions, depending on the folder configuration, you can have folder permissions inheritance broken down manually by the contributors of the library.

    Also the permissions can be bound on the files directly as well as being inherited by the folder structure. You can end up in situations similar to standard Google Drive Folder structure.

    That's the main difference between Team Folder and Secured Folder (flexible permissions model).
    In Team folder the permission model is similar to standard Drive (except your AODocs storage account owns the files/folders), for Secured Folder, the permissions are controlled and enforced by AODocs.

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