UFO icon/imagery not very intuitive for end-users

Use Case: The method of opening a non-Google document using the UFO from the AODocs interface (as shown in the image below) is not very helpful to end-users for 2 main reasons. 

  1. It's unclear to many users that the icon is meant to symbolize the UFO as it is not clear to end-users until the press that button. The image does not resemble the UFO icon (that it has anything to do with the UFO).
  2. The text/description does not read anything that implies this icon is for the UFO. Rather it reads "Hold SHIFT to open in Read-only". This can imply many things.

Feature Suggestion: to update at least one of these aspects (it'd be great to have both). First, by changing the icon to resemble the UFO icon. Second, by changing the tool tip description to mention "Open with UFO".




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  • This is an important feature that should be updated. We have libraries that have the ability to download, but we still want to encourage users to use the UFO to prevent duplication on our internal servers. Also, with Document Management Libraries that do not have the ability to download, this has become a frustrating topic as we want users to be able to open large files via the UFO since opening Google encourages the users to download even though they are not about to.

    It would be beneficial to direct the user to the UFO function in this instance through an easier and more intuitive mode of accessibility.

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