Double date field in document class

It would be very nice to have the option to create a double date field that includes "From Date" & "To Date" in the Document Classes section of the Library Administration.   



  • Thank you Celina for your contribution on our community.

    Would you be able to share your use case with us?
    How would you use this "From Date and To Date" type of field?
    And also why using 2 different dates don't work for you?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hello Thibault,

    Please see example below. Under "Duration of Change" and "Duration of Outage" a From Date & a To Date range would be nice to have. These are two separate metadata fields that would be necessary to search apart from each other. 


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  • I agree with this. There are some occasions where our users want to select a date range, so would require a from & to date field. Although two separate metadata fields is do-able, it would be simplify things if they were able to select both dates from one field, similar to when you are booking a flight/vacation.

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  • This is also a useful field for Confined Space Entry Permits that require a "Time in" and "Time out" section when a worker enters a confined space or a "Start Time" and "Stop Time" for work being completed.


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