Estimating export time (AODocs to GDrive)


How can we estimate the time needed for an export from a Team Folder Lib with ownership transfert to a private GDrive account ?

Alexandre C.



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  • Hi Alexandre,

    There is no rule of thumb for how fast can an export go. Indeed, it depends on how heavy is the usage of the storage account which is owning the Google Drive files. For instance, if the storage account of your library is being used by many libraries and therefore creating a lot of activity in parallel, this would cause slower exports. 

    What I advise you to do, is to perform a test with a significant sample of files from the same library and export them to the user's My Drive. This would give you an estimate for X files that you would be able to extrapolate from the total number of files that you plan to export.

    If you do not know how much files are in the folder structure, I would advise you to perform a "simple export" using the Bulk Updater to have an estimate the number of files to export.

    Hope it helps

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