access the "user action" that triggered the last workflow action

Similarly to how you can include the comment entered by the last workflow action, I would also like a variable that gave me the name of the user action that triggered the last workflow action.

My use case is this:

User has to recommend a go/ no go decision on a document.  Director has to approve that decision.  The only way I can indicate in the email to the director that the user has recommend one way or another is to have two separate stages.  This would be unnecessary, if I was able to share which workflow action the user selected.  The user could have two workflow actions that both direct to the same next step.



  • Thanks for this very interesting feature request!

    Are you looking to retrieve the "action name" itself (like "Approve") and/or the "applied name action" (like "Approved")?

    We had in mind providing both ;)


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  • I could see a need for both the action name and the applied name, depending on how I was trying to craft the email.  The applied name seems the most compelling for this use case, since I would be crafting an email to contain the action that had already been taken.

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