Document creator permissions cannot be removed

As seen in my discussion on this ticket:

I understand that by design, "The document creator is a system role that is automatically added to the document's permissions when it's created."  Therefore, if you have the class permissions set up with the "Security Mode" = "The authorized users can override the inherited security", and you choose to remove the "document creator" from the authorized permissions, the document creator has already been added as an "override" and so remains in the permission set, even though you are removing them.  I tested, and this also occurs, even if you DON'T put the document creator in the inherited permissions to start. I tested it where I had myself in the inherited permissions, but did not have the document creator in the inherited permissions.  I created a document, and then I removed myself from the permissions. I still had read-write access to the document.  The only way to prevent this, would be to change the Security Mode to "The inherited security cannot be overridden."

I can see two scenarios where this behavior is a problem.

Scenario #1 - IT person loads all the documents in the library.  This is actually my situation -  I did the load of all the documents from our network drive into the AODocs library.  Now I want to remove myself from the library permissions. It seems I will have to run a script to do so against every file loaded.

Scenario #2 - Confidential employee changes jobs to where that person should no longer see confidential documents that the person created.

Not sure if in both of these scenarios, you thing the "Security Mode" should be "cannot be overridden"?



  • Hi Arlette,

    In both situation that you describe below I would advise you to set the security mode to "the inherited security cannot be overridden".

    Alternatively, if you use the "Document permissions are inherited from the document's current workflow state", you can ensure that the permissions are reset at a specific worflow state.

    It is an option on the workflow state permissions level that allows you to "Reset the document-level permissions and clear the 'override security' flag"

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  • OK Thanks.

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