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With the "browse by" I display documents by production sites. One of these site has been sold so I don't want to display anymore documents with this metadata. see example 1.

In the admin view part, I tried to use "Display only documents matching" but if I exclude one site, then when users are on the Library, they don't have anymore the view "all document" possible. see example 2. Can you improve this ?




  • Hello Cecilia,

    Did you try the setting "Do not display outdated category values" in the view configuration itself - rather than the "Display only documents matching"? (which has indeed the "side effect" you observe) 

    You can refer to the article:

    Regardless of whether this solution solves your issue, can you explain what you would expect to have when selecting "All documents" option? All the documents or only the documents from all sites but "Baotou"?

    With the setting proposed, you'd still have the option "All documents", containing the unfiltered list of documents. Only the items displayed in the "browse by" are filtered.

    By using "Display only documents matching", you actually filter out the documents which references "Baotou" thus "All documents" is no longer displayed because it wouldn't be all documents. Eventually, it may just be a wording question.

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  • Hello Thibault,

    Yes it's working. Thank you, I've not seen this functionality before. Now I will use it.

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