Allow for Downloading and Uploading files directly to/from Google Drive/AODOcs using Chrome browser

Our users are discovering the gap in AODocs usability when they need to upload or download a file to or from a website in that the file-picker in the browser only reaches into local drives, and can't access Google Drive.  Therefore, if they want to download a file (which should be stored in Google Drive/AODocs), they need to download it to the desktop or a local drive first, and then move it to Google Drive.  Likewise, if they need to upload a file that's stored in Google Drive/AODocs, they need to pull the file out of Google Drive to the desktop or a local drive, and then upload it.

ChromeOS (e.g., Chromebooks) has obviously worked around this and its file-picker is able to reach directly into Google Drive.  If there's a way to update the SmartBar plug-in for the Chrome browser to allow for saving to Google Drive, and picking files from Google Drive, that would really help our users and eliminate the need to pull files out of Google Drive for transport, thereby minimizing file duplication and configuration management issues.

Thanks very much.




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