Export Bookmarklet too slow. Also should be able to export filtered view / selection only

At present the export bookmarklet is extremely slow.

This speed issue should be addressed.

In addition, there should be a possibility to export only a section / a filtered view rather than the whole view.




  • Thank you for your feedback, Nicolas. 

    If your main objective is to retrieve the list of all the documents of a view (potentially filtered) in a Google Sheet, we have another tool that could be of use: the Bulk Updater.

    Although it is not originally intended to perform exports only, it does a good job at retrieving the content of a view and to add a query to it.

    Once the export is finished (it is performed asynchronously), you will receive it as a Google Sheet by email.

    Of course, the objective of the Bulk updater is to perform multiple changes in the list of documents and synchronize these changes back into the library.

    Anyway, we have taken your feedback on improving the Export Bookmarklet performance. Thanks again!

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  • Thanks for the workaround Thibault.

    One issue though is that the bulk updater is only for administrators as per the documentation. Even if the export part was possible for non admins, I would not want to send users to the link of the bulk updater.

    So this is fine for our document controller who has admin rights since he needs to update categories in particular, but not possible for other users.

    It would be useful if you could put here the documentation for the query syntax here for everyone to use (or update the documentation) as I don't think it is available in the documentation?

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  • Thanks a lot Thibault!

    Of course it would be so nice to have the Bookmarklet work on a filtered view, but this Bulk option is very important to make global export and not 1000 by 1000 and consolidate all the Data.

    This is very KEY for publicating KPI's of Document Management.

    Hope the evolution of a filtered view will be available soon.

    Best Regards,

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