Desactivate "Comments" for certain workflow transitions

In many cases, I don't need the comment part. This creates an unnecessary step of validation. Suggest that at each worflow transition we can select whether or not a comment is optional / mandatory / not possible and in case commenting is not possible, to bypass the validation step.



  • Thanks for your input! We had already identified a similar improvement where at the Workflow action verb level you could define if the comment is Optional, Mandatory or Not Available. The user might still have the pop-up with the validation step (to forbid errors), but without the comment field.

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  • Hello, Is there a way/custom script to disable the pop-up when "comment" is not set as mandatory in user actions?

    This is a subject of dissatisfaction within our users.


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  • @... in order to prevent errors, maybe you could add a timer in case there is no comment, with the possibility to undo during this period of time, just like you have the possibility in Gmail after you hit the button send.

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