Make "attachments" a property

There are many reasons why attachments should be handled as fields of the type attachments rather than something on their own:

  1. First I should be able to set permissions to attachments the same way I do for properties when defining the worflow. I want to be able to send a document to someone so that he can edit the document, but not modify the attachments
  2. Second, I want to be able to have different permissions on different attachments. For example, If I send a native file and a pdf for a client, I may want the native to be read only, the pdf to be open for comments only, and the client to be able to add / edit a comment file in google sheet or google doc for example. In that case, with three attachment fields each one with different permissions I could manage this quite common case. Aconex / Incite is handling this easily. AODocs should.


  • I am also hoping for similar features and not only attachments, I wonder if descriptions, related items, etc. can also have permission settings.

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  • Didn't try yet however seems the concept is very good

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  • Yes having control on permission just like field would be good achievement.

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  • This is top of my list.

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