Moving files in Secured Folder : start picking destination from current folder.


Secured Folder are a great improvement to Google Drive, but... moving files in them is a real hassle.


When moving files within a Secured Folder library, the selection of the target folder always takes the user back the root of of the library. Why ? In a Secured Folder with up to 6-7 levels of subfolders, this makes organizing files extremely cumbersome.

Could this be fixed by having the target folder picker start the navigation from the folder the action was initiated ?


When reading the introduction Knowledge Base Post : AODocs overview: choose an AODocs library :

"AODocs brings enterprise-grade document management features to your Google Drive, allowing organizations to control and organize their files while preserving the ease of use, [...]."

Ease of use could be improved significantly by modifying this behavior. Implementing drag and drop within the folder architecture would be even better.

This is the first complaint that rises from our users they start using Secured Folders. 





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    Hello Julien, 

    Since the release 49, released last month, we modified the behavior of the Move to folder feature. We hope, it now better fits your needs.

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  • Thank you for your feedback on the behavior of the Secured Folders.

    As for the behavior that takes back the user back the root of the library when trying to move files, we have corrected it in the AODocs interface in the incoming version of AODocs (49). We currently investigating to bring it in the Smartbar as well.


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