Total Documents in a View is Vague "of more than 1,000"

At the bottom of any view, especially, if more than 1,000 documents, the user is given "of more than 1,000" which is very vague.  The user does not know if there are 1,001 or 10,001 documents.  I would like to see the total number of pages in the view rather than the vague statement that exists today.  It would be great if the counter stated, "of ## Total Pages".  At least the user could know within the number of documents per page multiplied by total pages would provide a closer number of documents in the view.  Thank you.



  • Perhaps another option would be to put a 'Last Page' or "End of Library' button to the right of the 'Next Page' button.  This would allow for the number of documents to be displayed very quickly, as the last page also displays the total number of documents.

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  • Agreed! 

    It would be very helpful to view the total number of documents on a page, even if the count exceeds 1000+ documents.

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