Filter on a property linked to a category with sub levels

when a property is associated with a category including different sublevels, when user is using filters on the view, he must select one value for level1, AND one value for each sublevel.

ex: country >region>site

it would be interesting for someone who wants to have all contents corresponding to a country  to filter ONLY on this level without going further down.





  • Hello Jean-François,

    Currently, the Categories filters in views support partial selection, this means that you should be able to only select the first level of the category without having to select the final value.

    See screenshot below for example:

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  • That is a good example.

    In your screenshot you picked "EMEA".

    Now imagine, that this level has like 2 more sublevels and 1000 documents.

    Now you wanne see only the "EMEA" level.

    In your screenshot you also see EMEA/Italy and EMEA/France and EMEA itself.

    If you only want to see EMEA without /Italy and /France there is no way right now.


    And in the next step you should be avle to see EMEA plus EMEA/Italy but not EMEA/France.


    Then we might have a filter that creates an overview that realy helps the users.



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