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It could be better if we could use Native Drive Trash button to delete docs or folder as del key or aodocs trash button.



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    Hi Jérome,

    There's actually a reason why we can't use the native Google Drive Trash button, let me try to explain it to you.

    In Google Drive, the Trash is personal, meaning that you can only trash the files that you own.

    If you click on the Trash button on a file you do not own, it doesn't put the files in the trash of the owner (thankfully), it simply "unsubscribes" you from the files. This means that you can not see the file anymore although it is still shared with you and available and visible to everyone else who had access to it.

    In the case of AODocs, since all the files are owned by a storage account, all the delete actions have to be taken by the storage account.

    Additionally, AODocs has the concept of library trash that Google Drive does not where administrators can retrieve files that were deleted within the library retention period (another concept that Google Drive does not have).

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