Allow original date of email creation to be a field in view for emails moved to AODocs Library with Smartbar

When using the Smartbar to move email messages to a Team AODocs Library, the ability to show the original email creation date is not available.  The Smartbar process shows the creation date as the date the message was moved to the library.

Users need the ability to review the emails based on the original email date.  There is no way to tell what the e-mail is about without opening each one completely. Also, without the date it was actually written there is no way to sort these either.  Some people have hundreds of e-mails.  This will make it so time consuming to find anything at a glance.  

Please add this field.



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    Thanks for your contribution to the community.
    We have plans to allow library admins to tag document class properties to match with email fields when importing emails with the AODocs Smartbar. We don't an ETA to share yet but we're working on it!

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  • Thank you as this is extremely important to see those original email dates.

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