Required Fields in the E-mail Workflow Validation Page (Where the User Clicks to Submit)

Shaw Industries Group, Inc. is rolling out AODocs as an enterprise solution to manage and control documents in all of its facilities.  The navigation of Corrective Actions is a bit cumbersome when the user has to navigate into AODocs to click on the edit button, scroll down to find the required field that needs to be completed, save it and then click the workflow button to advance to the next state.  I would like to see the required fields to show up in the e-mail workflow validation page.  In other words, when the user receives the e-mail and clicks on the action button, the next window that opens to click submit would have the required fields for that state to show up here.  The user could complete the required fields and then click the submit button without having to ever navigate into AODocs.  I have received complaints about the navigation through completing a corrective action is cumbersome.  It would be great if administrators had the ability to include these required fields in the e-mail like they receive today with the properties and other information.  Having the ability to include the required fields in the e-mail or workflow validation page would be a huge improvement.




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