Add document owner to permissions upon form submission

I want to have users create a new document in a document library via a Google form.  The library is set up so that class entities are not visible by default.  Hence, when the user submits the Google form, they now need to be added as a contributor to that instance.

Is this something that is doable via a workflow action?  If not, is this doable via a custom script?



  • Hi Arlette,

    Actually, you will be able to achieve this with the Roles.

    With Forms to AODocs you should be able to retrieve the email address of the submitter of the Google Form in a property type Person of your document.

    You can then use this field in the Contributor role of the library.

    If your document has workflow activated on it, you can then define the permissions at the workflow state level using the roles.

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    When I select the drop down in the Access List, I only get user and group?  Or am I missing something?


    However, my goal was not to give contributors access to everything in the library, but only to the documents they created. Looking at this some more, I can do that in the class security. 

    However, what I would really like, though, is in the workflow permissions, to be able to add a user using a field in the document, in this spot.  So, I would "approve" a form submission, and once approved, would give that creator access to the document.  But this seems to need to be a name or group, and not a field?



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  • You are simply missing the property in your document class "Submitter" (or called however you prefer). It has to be of the type "Person". Also, make sure your Connector from Forms to AODocs sends the form submitter to this property.

    This will only give access to the document where the user is listed in the field.

    Your permission workflow seems achievable as well. You simply make sure that only the role "Approver" (you should be part of it) is the only role with access to the document at the initial state and on the state "Approved" you add the Role "Submitter" (linked to the document property).

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