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I am wondering if there is a way to create a view that would show who still needs to approve or reject a document. 


Most of our document have 3 to 5 ''approvers'' and all of them must approve before the document can change state. 


I can create a view that users can filter by ''approvers'', but it will bring any document with that person as an approver even if he already did is workflow action. It will still show up for him until everybody has approved.


What i am looking for is a way to see clearly without having to open the document who are the ''workflow validators'' with pending action on a document (in a view).


 Like in the example below, people who have already approved the document are showing in green. Anything to visually see who has pending actions without opening the document and going into ''worklow validators''



  • The process manager needs to know which approvals are pending, how many they are, etc... all these information must be handy and visible in one view.

    In order to manage a process mail reminders are not useful, they may be good only for approvers. Sometimes they receive so many mails in a single day that they are likely to skip that reminders.

    So the Approvers view is extremely useful both for manager and approvers.

    Custom script is a valid solution, but not for everybody. 

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  • Thank you for your contribution to our community. We understand to you would like to be able to see the missing approvers for documents in a view.

    We would like to understand what is the reason behind this need.

    Do you need it for audit/export purposes?

    Or is it for easily see who are the missing approvers to manually remind them that they need to validate? (in this case, you might rather want an automated reminder for the missing validators)

    There is a way to dynamically retrieve this information and inject it in a dedicated property (using a custom script) that you can then display in a view, so it might be a good workaround as well.

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