Notify file owners when importing to AODocs

As an AODocs Super Administrator, I imported a file folder from MY DRIVE into AODocs. It contained one file that I did not own. Of course, when I was on vacation, the former owner tried to access and use the file. They broadcasted an email saying "AODocs stole my file". The history wasn't clear. On the document history, it shows that the former owner changed the sharing permissions, in the AODocs Audit Log, it shows that I created the file in the library.  There should be a way to notify people when we "import Drive docs on their behalf" and put them into AODocs. This would need to be configurable to that we don't blast users with notifications.



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  • "it shows that the former owner changed the sharing permissions"

    I don't like this. It implies that the former owner did something. 
    It means that the audit of documents can't be trusted.
    I'd prefer it if the history said that AODocs changed it or the person who started the import.

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