Auto populate meta data properties in document

I have a need to allow a user to select a vendor name and then the vendor address automatically populate.  I am able to choose the vendor as a category type from a pull-down list, but I am uncertain how to auto-populate the vendor address information.





  • Hi Thomas,

    I think I would do it this way :
    - Create a class "Vendor" with all the vendors details as properties (Name, Address, Phone...).

    - Populate this class with vendors. (1 vendor = 1 document). This is your vendor database.

    - Create a custom script that will run onUpdate of your document. The script will have to search for the vendor name in the Vendor Class Documents, retrieve the address and other details, and insert it in the document.



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  • Just started exploring the AO docs and have a similar requirement to populate properties of a document class from another document (document class).

    Would you be able to share the Custom script that was used.

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  • This functionality would make AODocs is critical to my use case. Is it possible to share the custom script to accomplish this?

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