Open directly the attachments when opening a document in a DMS library

When using Team and Secured folders in the AODocs interace and opening a document opens directly the attachment. While In a DMS, it's the properties section that opens by default.

We would like to have the opportunity to open directly the attachments (the first one by example) or indicate from the view which attachment you want to open/show.
For the end users this means they won't have to make the second click to open the actual attached document.



  • I agree, and would like also to use this.

    I have used other DMS that have different properties for different kinds of attachments (native, pdf, comments) which make it easy to display in three columns three different attachments from the view and access directly what you are looking for. I already provided this feedback to AODOcs but looks it is not going to happen or at least not soon.

    So far the best answer to your query, is to have a URL field in your document class / view, and to store in it the URL of the attachment you want to open from the view (manually or through a custom script). I have tried it myself and it is working fine.

    Hope it helps.


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  • Thanks Nicolas. I'll check with my team if your solution can work for us as well in the meantime.

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  • Hi Julie & Nicolas,

    I had the same enquiry & Thibault directed me to this link which you might find useful:


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  • Thanks, Misti. This is a possible solution for us as well.  Though, for us it would be best to open it up in preview mode within the document class, as opposed to in its own tab, similar to the way the Team and Secured folders work.

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