Allow Users to Configure Date Format

Allow users to configure date format.

We use the date format MM.DD.YYYY. However, when we use Bulk Updater, it transposes our format to DD.MM.YYYY. As a result, we changed our date fields to text fields.

Now they don't sort correctly. So we need to change our date fields back to a date format so that they can sort correctly. This is the only way that I can determine how to do that: 
The only way to change a text field to a date field is: 

Create a bulk update sheet from your library 
Make sure all the dates are in dd/MM/yyyy format (I think you can do that automatically in the spreadsheet) 

Go into the Library, Delete the Date Field (Field Type - Text) - You'll need to remove it from all the views, etc.) 

Add a new date field in the date (field type) format, Save 
Download a new Bulk Updater Spreadsheet, with the new Date field. 

Make sure both Bulk Updater Spreadsheets are sorted the same way. 

Cut and paste the date column from the bulk update sheet in #1 into the #5 bulk updater spreadsheet (Don't replace the column header) and upload it.

This should work, but now our date formats are DD.MM.YYYY



  • We would like to be able to configure date based on YYYY/MM/DD model.

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  • Currently, the date format options are either MM/DD/YYYY  or DD/MM/YYYY.

    I'm proposing a setting for which library administrators may define the date format in any format they choose. The date formatting options would resemble the format settings in Google Docs, Sheets, etc. 

    Our organization (and I'm sure many others) use various date formats to comply with set standards such as the ISO 8601 (YYYY-MM-DD). 


    Many Thanks.

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  • We need the ability to configure the date format for the bulk-updater export or at least keep the same format as AODocs interface display.

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  • it will be super helpful to change the date format to MM.DD.YYYY. or DD.MM.YYYY. back and forward as per the user preference 

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  • On top of this, bulk updater and bulk uploader are not using the same date format. I understand the two will be merged at some stage, so hope the issue is resolved in the merge.

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  • The AODocs interface and the bulk updater do not use the same date format. Would be useful if bulk updater kept the same date format that was in the AODocs interface or allow the option to choose which date format we'd like to export into bulk updater. 

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