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It would be useful to be able to see selected properties of related documents to save having to go into each document to see if it's the one you need.  Perhaps a subset of a view defined for the related document class?

Also, when creating related documents, it would be great if properties from the original document could be carried over to the related document.



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    Hello Ray,

    I am happy to tell you that with the version 42 released today, we now offer the feature you were requesting.

    Learn more here:
    Configure Document Relations Display

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  • Hello Ray,

    Thank you for your feedback. Having discussed with our engineering team, I can confirm that this feature is planned.

    You will be able to select which properties of the related documents to display in the document, just like you are able to do with views.

    This is planned for the version 42 of AODocs.

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  • Nice!  Thanks.

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