Add and modify tags on documents in Secured Folders

We would like the ability to add and modify tags on documents in Secured Folders from Drive and in the AODocs editing screen.

They can currently only be modified in the header area of the document in the AODocs interface.



  • Hello Lachlan,

    Thank you for your input. Can you please detail what is your use case behind this request ? How do you use the tag functionality on the Secured folder ? Is if for search optimization ?

    Thank you in avance

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  • Hi Thibault,

    The tags are used for searching, however this improvement is aimed at helping user experience by providing them more options when managing tags.

    In Drive, the tags are not immediately shown in properties:

    And appear like this when attempting to edit properties:

    There is no way to change tags from Drive.

    In AODocs, you cannot edit the tags from the properties either, however you can edit them in the header here so this is not so bad.

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  • hello 

    you can create a chain field for the class of documents like "Tags"

    so it's possible to create/modify/delete directly in drive.


    it'snt really clean but...

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