Configure a forwarding rule for Native Google files comments

Comments that do not have a "+" mention are sent to the owner, i.e. the AODocs storage account.
AODocs should implement a system that automatically forwards the comment notification emails to the document creator of the AODocs document.


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    Hello Dharam,
    However you create a document, you remain notified of all comments on the doc (the setting "Notify of all comments" is set as True for the creator and remains after ownership transfer).
    This is valid for creating a new file or importing an existing file in any library type, either from the Drive interface or the AODocs one.
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  • Hello François,

    Is there any way to do not receive the notifications of comments? I'm creating templates (in the sense I create Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets for how our documents should look like in the Document Management System, I want to use them in the AODocs templates in order to "have them using the last version"). But then, as creator of the templates (Google Docs and Spreadsheets), I receive all comments done on the documents, I don't want to receive them, is there a way to avoid that? Even just a work around for the moment?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello Céline,


    From the Google document editors, you can choose to receive notifications for all comments,  for the replies to your comments only, or no notifications at all.

    I hope this helps!

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  • Thanks for your answer François! 

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