Secured folder views and searching

This applies to the AODocs interface.

We would like to be able to search through all folders of a Secured Folder library, but still have the folder structure displayed, like the behaviour is in Drive.

Currently, the view has to be set to either "Display only documents in selected folder" or "Display documents in selected folders and all sub-folders".

When the first option is selected, you can only search in the current folder.

When the second option is selected, you can search all documents but you do not see the folder structure.

Having the folder column displayed in the view can tell you what folder a document is in, however this is not ideal and these are limited to Short Names which we cannot edit.



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    Hello Lachlan,

    Thank you for your feedback on the community. After discussing your request to the product team, it will actually be split in 2.

    When you will perform a search the folder path will be displayed and:

    1. we will not display the short names anymore (expected at release 41)

    2. we will make the folder path clickable, for you to go directly in the right folder (planned but no timeline or release to share yet)

    I hope this new behavior will better fit your needs.

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