Layout design (ability to customize layout)

Dear AODocs team,

Currently there are two document editors available: legacy and configurable editor. It would be great administrators have an option to have various layout templates and ability to move/drag metadata to fit the selected template... eg. 3 or 4 columns or mixed (row 1 - 3 columns, row 2 - 1 column, row 3 - 4 columns etc). This will make entry screens more user-friendly. 

Thank you



  • Would be great to have a custom css 

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  • Hello Olga,
    Your request is in line with our objectives and has been added to our long term roadmap. We would like to group the properties per sections, allowing to display different number of properties per line/section.

    Currently, the landscape orientation of the document view allows up to 4 properties per line. 
    Thank you for your request!

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  • Hello,

    I agree with Olga, I'm also looking for a possibility to organize properties in a form.

    Currently it is displayed one after the other which can be a bit rough when there are more than 10 fields.

    It could be great if we can add new sections like "Properties A", "Properties B", etc.,  or have the possibility to organize them by tabs.


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