Views on library's homepage displayed depending on individual rights

When creating a view, you can choose to display the view on the homepage or not.

For a document class where only a few people have access, let's call it "admin view", every reader of the library sees the "admin view" whereas they don't have access to any documents in this view.

I would like every reader to see only the views for which they have the rights to read the content/see the documents in that view.

It will be great to have it and it will be more user friendly and would avoid to get some questions from end users or to wonder why they don't see anything...

Thank you!



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    Hello Céline,

    I am happy to tell you that with the version 42 of AODocs released today, we now give you the possibility to customize when a view appears in the library home page.

    Define the list view visibility

    Let us know what you think about it.

    Have a great day.

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  • Smart proposal!

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  • Hello Céline,

    Thank you for your feedback. We have planned to deploy this functionality in the next release (42).

    Have a good day.

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  • Hello Thibault,

    Great news! Looking forward having it.

    Have a nice day too.

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