No useful metadata shown when searching across libraries

When searching on a keyword across multiple libraries, the results are meaningless and each document has to be opened to see if it is relevant to the search.  

In the document management software we've been using, it's easy to search on a keyword across multiple libraries from the search results determine if the document is related to the query.  This seems to have been accomplished by creating a field named 'indexes' which is comprised of all of the metadata fields contained in each library.  

Without this function, we have to keep multiple instances of AODocs open and run the search from within each library whre the document may exist and then compare a lot of open AODocs tabs to see where relevant documents may be hiding.



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  • It would be create to also include the labels you can add to the libraries in the search results.

    Ex: we group or clients via the labels when they are part of a group or holding.

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