Changelog / release notes for Google Chrome extension AODocs Smartbar

Would AODocs please consider a changelog for minor point releases for the Chrome Smartbar extension.
Reason for asking for this, is that updates are pushed, automatically to all end users, and they all notice the fact, since they have to reload Drive/Apps pages to refresh it, yet we have zero visibility about what has changed everytime this happens.
It seems a bit unprofessional to have to respond "sorry, I have no idea what has changed and no way of finding out for you" every time I am asked?

The changelog doesn't have to be exhaustive, just a few lines would be great. It doesn't even have to be posted in the clear - I would be happy with an opt-in email subscription approach, if you have concerns over possible security issues/disclosure.



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    Hello Bryan,

    Thank you for your feedback, we followed it and published a new section in our knowledge base that you will find here:

    I advise you to subscribe to the article so that you receive email notifications every time we update it.

    Please let us know if it was what you expected. 

    Have a great day.

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