Mandatory category sublevel


It will be great if we can make category from the sublevel 0 to a specific sublevel.

For example, for a category with continent, countries, states and towns, I want to make the states as mandatory but not the town.




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    With the Release 51, we delivered the more advanced data validation rule on the custom properties of the type category.

    The option is called "Enforced selection of the deepest possible category sublevel.

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  • We are also facing the same issue. 

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  • Hello Yann,

    Thank you for this feature request, it is actually a request we heard more frequently when visiting and discussing with our clients.
    We will keep it open for voting to hear other clients feedback.
    Have a great day.

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  • Anything new concerning this topic?

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  • I'm happy to announce that we have begun to work on this feature. The feature will enforce the users to enter in a category filed all the category sub-levels from the root to the leaf no matter how many sub-levels you have set up.

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