Export users licences

It will be great if we can extract in CSV or to drive the list of the user licences with the dates.

For exemple, now I need it to send a satisfaction survey to all AODocs users.




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    Hello Yann,

    You can use our AODocs Domain admin tools Google Sheet Add-on to export the licenses of your domain. It is still in Beta so its support is currently limited.

    It's dead simple to use:
    1. Install the Add-on from here

    2. Create a new spreadsheet

    3. As an AODocs Super Admin, launch the Add-on from the Spreadsheet and click on "Start".

    4. Select "Other tools > Licenses", the spreadsheet will be populated with the list of users with a license

    5. You can click on "Refresh Sheet Content" to update the same spreadsheet.

    Tell us what you think!

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  • Hello Yann,

    Thank you for your post, I understand you would like to be able to export the lists of the users of your domain who have an AODocs license assigned (Name, email address) in addition to the last login time-stamp.
    This feature is not yet planned, but depending on the interest of other people of the community we will consider it and prioritize it accordingly.
    Have a good day.

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  • Great feature request!  

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  • +1

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  • My agency, through the nature of our business, has a lot of turn-over in our field offices.  We'd like this feature as a way to help us manage user licenses.  The issue for us is that we do not delete our Google user accounts, but suspend them (again, driven by the nature of our business).  Being able to export a simple CSV with name, email address and last login time-stamp would be super beneficial to us.  Thanks for bringing it up!

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  • Thanks a lot for this addon. It's exactly what I want.



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  • Yep great add-on!

    But it failed with volume :D, it stopped at 5500 users...

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  • Hi Jérémy,

    Could you try again, so that we can investigate the origin of your issue?


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  • It's a very good Add-on. 
    It would even be great if you can combine this with the bookmarklet permissions export. So you have a view on who has a licenses and has access to which libraries.

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