Ability to Copy Documents Between Libraries

You should be able to easily copy documents from one library into another, instead of having to download the document from the first library, re-upload it to the second library, and then re-add the metadata.



  • We have use cases which require:

    • Move documents from one class to another in the same library (DML and Secured Folder)
    • Move documents from one DML to another DML
    • Move documents from Secured Folder to DML

    And in each use case we would like the original metadata of the source document to be moved with the actual file(s), so that in the destination library users see metadata + file(s).

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  • Thank you for this suggestion. May I add that feature of copying or moving documents between classes and libraries. Eg. document is placed erroneously in one class, if instead of deleting there is an option to move document to another class. It would be even better if metadata of two classes that matches is also copied. 

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  • Hello Quincy,

    Great post ! Thank you.

    Could you please share with us your use case for copying all the documents from one library and uploading them to another ? Also do you expect the documents properties to be copied as well (this would imply a mapping of properties in case the libraries are not similar in structure).

    So far, this feature is only available to administrators to copy and then export a document from a library for another one, we do not yet allow this feature for end-users but will consider it depending on feedback of other clients.

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  • Hi Thibault,

    We do not need to copy all of the documents from one library and upload them to another, but we would need to copy and upload a few. An example of when we would need to do this would be for a Board of Directors meeting. Documents such as Policies and Employment Agreements (each found in separate libraries) may need to be copied to the Board of Directors library and then uploaded to Diligent.

    Currently, administrators are not able to copy multiple documents at one time and then export them to another library, which is what we would like to be able to do.

    No, I do not think that the properties need to be copied as well because the fields will be different for each library. We can modify the document's properties after copying it to the other library.


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  • Hello, 


    We need also to copy some documents between two secured folders. We have to stop file servers CIFS but if we can't do this with Secured folder, it's real problem

    The users don't want to copy files on their My drive then import to an other Secured folder. It' too long





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