Ability to rearrange category values

Add the ability to rearrange category values. currently the most recently added entries go to the bottom and new values can't be filed into any order. If you have list of categories ordered (alphabetically?) a new value can't be put where it should be in that order. Since we can't remove categories that are already in use (a record with that value exists) then we can't even remove values and re add them. Even if the category isn't being used, it can be cumbersome to remove and re-add them if there are more than 2.



  • Was there ever a feature added for this? In particular, we'd like to have category values NOT be sorted alphabetically. The use case for this is for a category that contains months: Who wants to see April first in a list of months?

    The ideal would be to allow the administrator to determine the order themselves.

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  • I also would like to be able to reaarange the values of the Category list.

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  • Since the original post of Rosemary, there were several changes:

    - you can now mark Categories values as "Outdated" when they are no longer in use.

    - when adding the values to the category, they are first added at the bottom of the list but when the category values list is reloaded, they are automatically ordered alphabetically

    This interface is yet to go through the migration to the new interface (like the roles, jobs,..) so you might see improvements soon.

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  • Thibault, I do enjoy the new "Outdated" feature and find it very helpful. But I still would like the ability to not have category values be ordered alphabetically. The example I gave previously of months is a big one, but there are other cases, where I would want to put the most frequently-used options first.


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