Share document attachments as URLs in Document Management libraries

The Shareable link feature in Team Folders and Secured Folders lets you share attached files as URLs. Learn more: Share document attachments as Google Drive URLs.

Although this feature isn't available from the AODocs user interface in Document Management libraries, you can construct the link of an attached file manually and share it.

Note: You can construct shareable links in libraries using any type of storage. Learn more: Where is my content stored?

Construct the link as follows, according to the AODocs instance you're using:

  • - (US instance)


  • - (EU instance)


  • - is the US instance of AODocs
  • - is the EU instance of AODocs

            Learn more: Find out which AODocs instance you're using.

  • - is the name of your Google domain or Microsoft 365 tenant
  • - S4p2lou00oygPCT0o3 is the ID of your document – learn how to find your document ID
  • - /1 or /2 or /3, etc. references the specific attached file in a Document Management library with more than one attached file. If you leave the document ID as is or add /0, the URL points to the first attached file in your document. /1 points to the second attached file, /2 to the third, etc.

Note: You must keep drive in the URL even if your library doesn't use Google Drive as its storage platform.

You can now share the link with other users. 




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