G-Suite Document links that don't break when document is revised

I'm using  AODocs Document Managment for document control, but for several of my documents, I'm pasting the document link (not the AODocs container link) in company web pages or other documents for reference.   If I'm managing a MSWord document and update using UFO,  the link stays the same when I revise a document, so my users always get the most current document.

If the document is a .pdf doc and I use the upload icon to revise, insteadInline image 1 of loading a new document and deleting the old one when revising, the link stays the same and users get the most current document.

However, the link on g-suite documents always changes when I revise a document.  The reason we chose AODocs was for the ability to control g-suite documents, but now we can't use them when we reference them outside of  AODocs.  It's very limiting.

Can you make the links for g-suite documents not change when going through a revision process in AODocs.?



  • Hello Joel,

    The behavior you are describing is indeed expected and is for the moment the only way for us to manage entirely the versioning of AODocs documents (allowing to restore another version). We have to generate a copy of the Google Drive file (Docs, Sheets, Slides, drawings..) therefore creating another ID.

    You might want to use this URL: 

    https://aodocs.altirnao.com/drive/redirect/<yourdomain.com>/<id of your AODocs document>

    It will redirect you to the latest published version of the attachment, so instead of referring to the links in https://drive.google.com//document/d/<Google Drive ID>

    This link is only valid for the libraries of type Team Folder and Secured Folder.

    Please let me know if it helps.

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  • The problem is, my documents are built in AODocs Document Management?

    Are there any plans to create a redirect link that works in that environment?
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  • Received this from Phillip today (my issue was that the redirect link Thibault explained earlier didn't work for my document control system was build using AODocs Document Managment):


    You've been asking for a permalink directly to the attachment and not the AODocs container for a while now, and I finally have some good news for you. Using the following format you can create links that won't change despite revisions/new versions.

    The <Number_of_the_attachment> is zero-based meaning that the first attachment is returned when you have a '0' in the placeholder.
    0 = 1st attachment
    1 = 2nd attachment
    Here is an example for you to test!
    Great!  Thak you for building this.  It works!
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