UFO: option to increase / remove file lock expiration

We would like to be able to remove the expiration on the lock file, or the ability to increase it, as a requirement of our consultants is to have a few jobs at the same time requiring the files to locked open by that user for a longer period when not editing.



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    Thank you for your feedback. Our product management team has confirmed that this feature is on our roadmap. We will update you when we have an ETA.

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  • Hello Trent,

    Thanks for your post. 

    We're interested in finding out more about your use case. Is it in the context of opening files with UFO or in the AODocs interface?



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  • And,conversely, we would like the lock time to be reduced or controlled.  We're continually processing files in Excel that then need to be checked and edited by our controller 5-15 minutes later and the first editor needs to remember to unlock it from their cache.  

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  • Hi,

    My organization would like the same, and within a similar use case.  Staff are editing excel docs and the extra step of relinquishing the file lock manually, or waiting an hour is not innately feasible.

    Reviewing the existing library settings that option does not exist.

    Thank you!

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  • Same here. Our staff would like to be able to open & close the files and not have to deal with unlocking it when they are done.  It's an extra step that can be forgotten. Preferably there should be no locked period after the file is closed. 

    Thank you

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  • Yes, we need an enterprise ready solution.  This is very embarrassing.  We're drawing straws to see who wants to be the one to tell the end users about this failure.

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  • Would agree entirely with Pierre; we need the lock to be released when the file is closed.

    Also, as Super Admins, we also need to be able to close a file when a user has left their desk for the day, forgotten that they left a file open and locked, and someone else needs to edit the file.



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  • Any feedback on this feature request? Any indication where on the road map it is?

    This is really a show stopper.

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