AODocs and file dependencies (i.e. InDesign)

AODocs works great with individual documents (that is, documents that work by themselves). Examples we all know include MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and with the upcoming AODocs UFO update this expands to lots of other file types.

However, AODocs infrastructure fails to work when there are file dependencies. The primary scenario for this are InDesign files, which link to other font and graphics files. Without these files present, the InDesign main file opens with a bunch of broken graphics and missing fonts. And when AODocs pulls down an InDesign file to open with your local InDesign software, it doesn't pull down the linked files.

I'm curious to know how others have solved this problem. Currently the only two options I can think of are:

  1. Don't use AODocs / Google Drive at all.
  2. Use Google Drive for PC/Mac to sync folder structure down locally to an endpoint, so all supporting files are present. This is an issue as AODocs expressly states that using Google Drive for PC/Mac with AODocs is not supported. And I don't blame them... the local sync program has proven to be a risky piece of software which can have sync issues.

Neither is ideal. Thoughts from others on how you keep your InDesign-using graphic designers happy in a G Suite / AODocs world?



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  • Users within our company rely heavily on linked Excel workbooks to perform detailed financial analysis and this is currently not workable when using Drive/AODocs.

    The ability to work with OLE linked content within any file that is stored in Drive would great enhance user satisfaction and ensure that the users can store and work with their linked content within Drive/AODocs.

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