Compare two "person" document properties in a workflow transition

I'm trying to compare a "person" document properties in a workflow transition with another "person" document property, but the only option I find is to compare one "person" document property with a fixed email:

Instead, I'd like to create a transition that looks like this:

This allows me to bypass this validation state if the document creator is the same person as the document owner.  Here's a visual of the workflow I'm trying to build:

Is there a function for this already in the system?  If not, can you create that ability?




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    This feature has been released with the Version 47 of AODocs! Thanks for you contribution.

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  • Good news Joel, in release 47 we planned to manage this situation. We also included the check if a person listed in a field belongs to a Role in the library.

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  • Great!  Thank you for adding this feature.

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