"Share" button + Individual-based notifcation

Hi there, 

Is it possible to add a feature where you can select a google group to notify but then you select specific people within that group?

I.e. Tech Group

Members within the Tech Group

- Bob

- Bill

- Sandy

We would be able select the "Tech Group" and then inform "Sandy" without informing Bob and Bill.

Also, is there a way to make the "share" button, more user-friendly? So that if someone selects "Share" from the Google Drive side then it can be more intuitive?

Thank you.



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    Hello Katerina,

    I confirm that the behavior you are describing for the "Notify Users" feature is actually already planned for the next release of AODocs.

    Regarding your comment on the Share button, could you please elaborate what you would like to see as more user-friendly in another feature request?
    Thank you in advance.

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  • Hi Thibault,

    Thanks for your response - great news.

    As for the "share" button, now when we click "share" in Google Drive it takes us over to AODocs to set the permissions etc, whereas before it would just share the link with the email specified. 

    Essentially, the majority of our team is using the "share" button to just send each other links back and forth (i.e. here's the file we're working on). So, they would already have edit/view access to the file from before but they just share to help each other locate the file. 

    It would be helpful if when you click the "share" button, the link was shared with the individual by email but then if they did not have access to the document then it would ask the AODocs library owner to share it with them. Hope that makes sense.


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