Allow document readers to see who still needs to validates the document.


Would it be possible that the Workflow Validators button appears for everyone involved in the workflow, everyone who has reading rights on the document?

It seems that only the administrators can see it. Added value in my case for example: the author of a document doesn't need to contact me or send me an email to see who in the reading committee has approved and who still have to do it. Time saving for the author and myself.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Céline Mahé



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    Hi Céline and Samantha,

    Thanks for your votes and insights, we have planned this feature for the next release of AODocs (Version 48).

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  • Hi Céline,

    I confirm that even the reader of a document can be a workflow validator.

    She/he needs to be part of the role/group which is responsible for performing the workflow action.

    As long as a user has access to a document (even in read-only), she/he can be a document validator. This needs proper configuration in the workflow but is feasible.

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  • Hello Thibault,

    Thank you for your quick feedback. Sorry, I probably didn't explain correctly...

    What I would like is that someone who doesn't have a workflow action to perform, that this same person could see "the pop-up" with who responded and who didn't.

    Is it clearer? You can always contact me via hangout.

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  • Thank you for the details, Céline. It makes sense, and I understand the use case.

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  • We also would like to see this information. We have built in a field and custom script to show us this at the moment, but it would be better if it were native in the application.

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  • This feature request was provided in the Release 48 of AODocs.

    Learn more here:

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