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Would like the ability for users to 'subscribe' to documents, so they receive notifications when new versions of the document are released.  It would also be nice to have a summary of changes made in this notification (can be from the "comments" added when the new version is created) 



  • would be nice to be able to do this at the folder level too.

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  • I have had many requests from users to be able to configure notifications on a library so that when a file is uploaded, either to the library or a specific folder, email notifications are sent to designated users.

    For simple scenarios this can be achieved using a workflow (draft document with automatic transition to "notified" state where it triggers a notification), but if there's a complex workflow already in place, it's not practical to include this. Also if you want to configure multiple folders to monitor with different people to alert, it gets complicated and not maintainable.

    Can we have something to allow users or admins to configure notifications when a file is:

    1. Uploaded to a library or folder
    2. Updated within a library or folder
    3. Deleted from a library or folder
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  • Hello,

    I have multiple requests from users to be able to subscribe to documents in order to receive a notification email when documents get "Applicable" for example and also to be able ta mark some documents as favorite.

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