Ability to have security based on both folders and workflow

Would like to have the total library security based on the workflow status of a document, but also be able to restrict specific folder security to specific users / groups



  • Hello Ruth,

    Thank you for your feedback. Could you please detail your use case in regard to your request?

    Currently, in a Secured Folder library you could define several classes of documents but for each of them, you need to define if the permissions are inherited from the folders, the class or the workflow.

    At which point would you expect the file to get the permissions of the folder rather than the ones of the workflow?

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  • Have there been any updates on this topic? I have a situation where attachments in a document class need to have more restricted permissions than the rest of the library both during and after a workflow.

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  • Did you check the article about How to configure the permissions based on the workflow states?
    Let me know if it helps.

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  • The impossibility to mix folder and workflow permissions in the same class seems very limiting for me. It's highly important to have both static and dynamic access.

    Example : in a class with a folder tree and an approval workflow : 1. Working => 2. Under Approval => 3. Approved

    - if permissions are based on folders because some folders need to be restricted to a specific group, you are totally unable to make the "Under Approval" for Approvers only, and to make the "Approved" state a state where the document cannot be edited by anyone (what a basic approval workflow should do). In other words, the workflow becomes useless, when the permissions are inherited from folders, which is a shame.

    Ideally, it would be possible to leverage folder permissions in workflows and thus be able to use both folders and workflows permissions in a class.

    Ex :

    1. State "Working" = Users with folder permission can edit the document

    2. State "Under Approval" = Users with folder permission can view, only Approvers can edit

    3. State "Approved" = Document is on view only

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