Remove an attachment // Export an attachment

In a DMS library, if I have added my attachment to the wrong document or if I have added an attachment that I shouldn't have, my attachment is visible only to the storage account and it is lost for administrators and end users because they cannot access it anymore.

When editing the attachments of a document, we could have two options:

(1) delete the attachment. If you click on it, you have an warning pop-up indicating the file will be permanently deleted from AODocs.

(2) export the attachment. Ownership of the attachment is given back to the original owner or to the contributor requesting the export or to the library administrators.



  • Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for your post.  We've been thinking about implementing this feature already.

    We'd envisaged a feature that allows users to export an attachment and then add it to another document.  This would enable you to move an attachment from one document to another. We'd be interested to hear what you think of this.




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  • There are a few scenarios under which users would need to remove an attachment:

    (1) They attached the right file to the wrong document

    (2) They attached the wrong file to the document

    In case (1) transferring it to another document would be appropriate. In case (2) they may not have another document that they want to transfer the file to; in that case it would be better to also have the ability to move the file back to their My Drive and transfer ownership back to them.

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  • I fully agree with Samantha proposal : if the person don't want to transfer the file to an other document it should be proposed to transfert in his/her drive. Otherwise people don't realized that it disappears from AODOCS but also from the drive...

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  • I agree too - there needs to be the option to transfer back to their drive... in fact, I would even argue that should be the default behavior when they delete it.

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  • I agree to this feature request & that a default behavior should be to ask the user if they want to permanently delete or transfer document to other location. 

    This might be an additional feature request, but it would also be beneficial for administrator (library level or domain) to be able to access the deleted attachments without having to switch to a storage account to do so. 

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